Well, its complete, its here! Visit the Site B Section and make your way to Isla Sorna!

pod is our original Site B Explorer poster

And another goodie.. as a little preview for our coming JP TC`s section, a downloadable demo of “Park” for Duke Nukem. The level is located on Isla Nublar, you will visit all famous spots like the T.Rex paddock and the Raptor Pen.

Get the full thing on the gaming section!

So, tomorrow Hawaii calls for me, so as I’m not online too much then (reasonable…), I am sure Wired Al and rfblasco will take care of you. See you soon!

Trip to Isla Nublar

Well, on Saturday my 3 week trip to Hawaii begins… I will visit the locations on Kauai and Oahu where the outdoor scenes of Jurassic Park were filmed. I hope to get some great pics for you, and for the JP TC for Unreal project. Yesterday i got confirmed that both the Raptor pen and the Visitors center are still existing, and even if i got doubts that this is true, i will visit the places and try to get great pics.

Well, unfortunately, due to my absence, there will be a lack of updates, sorry. I take my Laptop with me and will update as often as i can, but as you know, there are a lot other things to do in Hawaii 🙂 I hope to get some pics of the day which i will post, and you will mostly see me in the forum.

Read yesterdays news and you know why you should be here tomorrow….

2 Months on InGenNET

Well, today is InGenNET`s 2nd (monthly..:) birthday! At this place we would like again to thank all our fans ! We appreciate your support and your continuing visits.
You might guess how much i would like to present InGenNET`s Site B Explorer…but it is still not finished. I was working alot on it today, and i (no, i do not promise..:) am mostly sure itll be yours on friday! However, get the poster at the updated Site B Explorer section!

I noticed the link page was not new, i forgot to upload it….now it is new 🙂

Please, visit our forum and drop us a line, any ideas, comments, criticism or questions are appreciated!

pod updated with a map of the Universal Studios Hollywood. You can see Jurassic Park: The Ride on the left.

Tomorrow i will post detailed Site B Explorer specs, and i will announce another, really special project…


Well, yesterday i promised “the list is long”, today you can convince yourself in the new “coming up / whats next” section, where i will announce all coming events/updates/projects. There are some suprises waiting and the list is really long 🙂 Go convince yourself! Please comment in the forum!

Well, farther we have re-arranged the navbar, adding the projects, re-organized the link page and the site (should..) load faster now…

The buzZz has also been changed a bit… and the pod was updated, dedicated to the makers of Jurassic Park!

Keeping Busy

I can only repeat, work on all the new stuff really keeps us busy. And the new stuff gets even more, anyways, i wont tell until its for sure 🙂
Again thank you for the great support of InGenNET!

Forum related: InGenNETs webmasters will delete any posts by that sucker, no matter what content they have. We all know, jealousy is his problem, and as the time of tolerance is finally over, his presence will *vanish* 🙂 In case he tires to flood the forum, or keeps annoying people, he knows what happens…

pod updated with another TLW set pic…