M. B. Nash

One of the mercenaries hired by the Kirbys to help them find their son, and an ex-Sergeant Major according to his dogtags. M. B. Nash was pilot of the plane that brought the Kirbys and their party to Isla Sorna. During the first attack by the Spinosaur, Nash tried to get everyone off the island in the plane. He crashed when he lost control, thanks to the Spino. Following the crash, the Spino tore open the cockpit, and pulled Nash from the plane. He was dropped, and tried to crawl away, but he was then stepped on and eaten by the Spino. Nash had the Kirbys’ cell phone on him at the time of his death, so they later had to dig through the Spinosaur’s droppings to locate it. M. B. Nash was played by Bruce A. Young.

Billy Brennan

Assistant to Dr. Alan Grant. Billy knew quite a bit about computers and technology, much to the dismay of the “mechanically impaired” Grant. Billy went along when Grant was hired by the Kirbys, but only because Grant didn’t want to be alone with total strangers. Along the way to Isla Sorna, Billy told Grant the story of how when he and some friends were hangliding in New Zealand, an updraft swept him against a cliff. He had been saved by the strap of his camera bag. Since then, it became his “lucky” strap. Once on the island, Billy foolishly decided to take two Velociraptor eggs from their nest, hoping to sell them to further fund his and Grant’s digs. Because of this, the group was soon relentlessly pursued by the eggs’ angry parents, who killed Udesky. When Grant learned what Billy had done, he was furious. But, when Eric Kirby was endangered by Pteranodons, Billy redeemed himself in Grant’s eyes by strapping on the Dino-Soar parachute they’d found and risking his life to save Eric. He fell into the water, and the Pteranodons pecked ceaselessly at him. The others thought he’d been killed, but he later turned up alive when the Navy and Marines came. He’d rescued Grant’s lost hat as well, which he returned to his grateful mentor. Billy Brennan was played by Alesandro Nivola.

Eric Kirby

Twelve-year old son of Paul and Amanda Kirby. Eric stayed with his mother when his parents split up since she wasn’t a safety nut like Paul, and let him do dangerous stunts with his mother’s boyfriend, Ben Hildebrand. He opted to go to Isla Sorna to see some of the native animals. He and Ben hired Enrique Cardoso, a shifty man who ran a parasailing operation called “Dino-Soar.” While they were parasailing over the island, Enrique’s boat below, which was pulling them along as they flew, went through a fog bank. There were several thumps and jerks on the line, and when the boat came out again, Enrique and his driver were gone. Worse, the out of control boat was speeding toward some rocks. Luckily, Ben unclipped them and they drifted into the jungles of the island. Ben was killed, but Eric survived by hiding in an overturned water truck, using desperately-gotten Tyrannosaur urine to keep the other predators away. Eight weeks later, he was saved by Alan Grant. Rather, he saved Alan, using the last of his scavanged smoke bombs to scare away a pack of Velociraptors. He was then reunited with his parents when he thought he heard his father’s phone, but Paul told him the phone had been in the possession of Nash when he was eaten by the Spinosaur. Sure enough, the Spino, with ringing belly, arrived. They all narrowly escaped. Later in the aviary, he was grabbed by a huge Pteranodon, which attempted to feed him to its chirping hatchlings. Eric was rescued by Grant’s assistant Billy, nearly at the cost of Billy’s life. He survived the ordeal with both of his parents. Eric Kirby was played by Trevor Morgan.

Amanda Kirby

Estranged wife of Paul Kirby and mother of Eric. She and Paul had been apart for some time, but when their son went missing on Isla Sorna along with Ben Hildebrand, she rejoined Paul to help find him. Posing as a once-again married couple, they talked Dr. Alan Grant into coming along as guide for a “tour” of the island. Upon landing, Amanda quickly showed that, while she was desperate to find her son, she wasn’t exactly the brightest person in the world. She kept yelling for Eric and Ben through a bullhorn, and this attracted a hungry Spinosaur, which killed mercenary Cooper and then caused their plane to crash as it tried to take off. Amanda soon showed she also had an annoying talent for not listening to anything Dr. Grant said. Following the attack by Velociraptors, she and Paul tried to climb down to help the badly injured Udesky, but it was a trap set by the intelligent dinosaurs. She just barely avoided sharing the doomed mercenary’s fate. Later, the group was surrounded by the Raptors, demanding back the eggs which Billy Brennan had stolen. The alpha female thought Amanda had stolen the eggs, so she had to personally return them. Amanda presumably got back together with Paul afterwards. Amanda Kirby was played by Téa Leoni.

Paul Kirby

This man approached Dr. Alan Grant with an interesting proposition; he’d pay any amount of money, if Grant would his guide on an aerial tour of Isla Sorna. He claimed to be a survivalist enthusiast, and very wealthy. The trip was to be part of his and his wife Amanda’s anniversary celebration. Paul’s true intention for going to the island was to find his son, Eric, who had gone missing eight weeks prior. To do so, he hired several mercenaries and obtained the services of Grant. This he did dishonestly; because he lied to Grant to get him to come, he practically kidnapped him. After narrowly escaping death at the hands of a hungry Spinosaurus, Paul admitted that he was not even actually rich. He was merely the humble owner of a hardware store called Kirby Paint & Tile Plus; his personal cell phone was even programmed to ring to the tune of the store’s catchy jingle. Even though Grant did not believe a twelve year old boy could survive for eight weeks, Paul did not give up hope. At the suggestion of mercenary Udesky, he and Amanda tagged along with Grant, hoping to run into Eric along the way to the coast to signal for help. However, it was Grant who found Eric, and Paul was reunited with his son. Later, he managed to get the abandoned riverboat working, so that they could travel downriver to get to the coast. When the Spinosaur returned, Paul risked his life to climb atop an abandoned crane and distract the dinosaur long enough for Grant to scare it away with a flare gun. Following the terrible ordeal, Paul returned to a quiet life in Oklahoma with his wife and son. Paul Kirby was played by William H. Macy.