2 Months on InGenNET

Well, today is InGenNET`s 2nd (monthly..:) birthday! At this place we would like again to thank all our fans ! We appreciate your support and your continuing visits.
You might guess how much i would like to present InGenNET`s Site B Explorer…but it is still not finished. I was working alot on it today, and i (no, i do not promise..:) am mostly sure itll be yours on friday! However, get the poster at the updated Site B Explorer section!

I noticed the link page was not new, i forgot to upload it….now it is new 🙂

Please, visit our forum and drop us a line, any ideas, comments, criticism or questions are appreciated!

pod updated with a map of the Universal Studios Hollywood. You can see Jurassic Park: The Ride on the left.

Tomorrow i will post detailed Site B Explorer specs, and i will announce another, really special project…

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