Cinescape talks Jurassic Park

In a Cinescape article they give a brief description of JP3. (Thanks Dan’s!)

“Usually in a Jurassic Park movie, the humans are being chased by dinosaurs. And Jurassic Park III, directed by The Rocketeer helmer Joe Johnston, will be no different. But the humans weren’t always the chasees this time around. They were also the chasers…at least off screen. “We’ve been chasing the script all along,” says production designer Ed Verreaus. “We’ve had a script that’s been like a moving target and has changed a lot. So all during the course of pre-production and production we’ve been having to adjust to and overcome changes in the script.”
In the film, Macy’s character, billionaire Paul Kirby, recruits Grant to return to the dinosaur infested island seen in the first two films. “He’s the only one who really understands the size and the power of these animals,” Verreaux says of Neill’s character. “Everybody else who is with him doesn’t really get it at first. That’s kind of fun because the audience is watching, and we all know what he knows. So we are kind of giggling to ourselves, [thinking], “Wait until that T-rex shows up. You’re really going to be surprised.”

People don’t seem to get that there’s two islands apparently…If this continues JP3 maybe just be one flaw right after another.

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