Final Beta Up

Well, its been a whole bunch of work for me and Wired Al, but we can finally present you the last beta of IngenNET.

Now we have different sections, most of them are still under construction, but we are still working on that! Expect it all to be atleast part-wise up by tomorrow, our official opening day 🙂 You can already check the link section, but our main areas like login or files still need some fixing….

At this place id like to thank rflblasco, Brad and Penguin42 for supporting us in these hard times, cause they helped us out pretty much!

One more thing: if anyone is interested in joining IngenNET, don`t wait – we`d be happy to welcome a new member 🙂 just mail me!

Expect IngenNET to be a great source for every Trespasser/Jurassic Park fan, we`ll update every day (nah, no empty promise…) and upload any JP/Tres related stuff!

Thats all for now, i hope to see you guys tomorrow!

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