JP3 in Fangora Magazine: Interviews & Pictures

The July issue of horror magazine Fangora features a rather large and impressive article detailing the production of JP3 from concept to screen. The article features interviews with director Joe Johnston, producer Larry Franco, star Sam Neill, production designer Ed Verreax, Stan Winston, and even more.

Among the information he gives us about the film, Johnston noted that, “When Steven asked me if I wanted to do the next ‘Jurassic Park’;, I looked around the room to see who he was talking to. When I saw nobody else in the room, I figured he was talking to me

As for Sam Neill, who, as well as all of the interviewees, provided alot of insight, the Australian actor spoke of the conditions of filming. “Everything felt fresh again.” Neill noted. “There was a new director, some new ideas, and a new cast. The only old dinosaur around was me.”

The article also features a wealth of pictures, and inGenNET once again has quality scans of the new images from the magazine. Featured below are some new images from the article, both from the film and behind-the-scenes.

spinosaurus crushes a plane

spinosaurus head

spinisaurus touched up on set

jurassic park 3 set photo

Limited to what can be said about a possible JP IV, producer Franco said that, “There may have already been talk about III (when taking the job) and possibly IV. Jurassic Park should go on until people say, ‘We’ve had enough of this.’ But I don’t know if they ever will.”

On JP IV, Johnston adds, “We didn’t purposefully leave this one open for a sequel, but there is something in the works for a fourth film that would be more of a departure from the previous movies. Personally, I think they pretty much have to get off the island after three.”

The article alone is definately worth your money! The interviews are new and fresh, and offer alot of insight. Once again, this is from the July issue of Fangora magazine.

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