JP3 Jr. Novel Review

JP3HQ posted a review of the JP3 novelization. There are some minor spoilers, and they have been blocked out. (Thanks JPDatabase!)

The book is 116 pages long, and includes four pages of pictures (several of which seem to re-occur throughout all of the JP3 books to be released). Our major goal for this review is not to spoil the book/movie for you, but to simply provide a general look at it, so you can decide if it’s worth your $4.99!

First spoiler we’ll give out from the book:The book seems to say that the dinosaurs are surviving on not only Isa Sorna, but Isla Nublar as well, here’s an excerpt – Paleontology, the focus of his [talking about Dr. Grant] entire life, stood on the brink of extinction. Many believed that all dinosaur scientists had to do now was travel to Isla Sorna or Isla Nublar – the two Jurassic Park sites – and study the living dinosaurs there. But Alan knew different.

Most of us know the general plot, but pretty much a wealthy couple (Spoiler: who may not be so wealthy after all) invites Dr. Grant to give them an aerial tour of Isla Sorna, Grant reluctantly accepts, and the action begins soon after. Like many of the actors have said, the action happens almost right away, and continues throughout nearly every page of the book!

Scott Ciencin was a good choice for this Junior Novelization of the movie, as he seems to know what he’s doing – he obviously knows his dinosaurs, and even the correct sizes (the book refers to a few of the Pteranodons and Raptors as ‘Genetically engineered giants’).

As far as dinosaur ‘main characters’ are concerned – the Spinosaurus plays a major role throughout the entire story, the Raptors continue the Jurassic Park tradition of causing havoc the whole way through, and the Pteranodons have a few great scenes that we’re really looking forward to seeing on the big screen. A brief scene from the Novelization starring the Pteranodons:

The Pteranodon jammed its head through the hole, snapping at them. Alan, Paul, and Amanda turned to head the other way. The Pteranodon lifted into the air and came in front of them, lunging through another hole in the mesh, blocking their escape. All along the cliff face, the metal catwalk supports groaned with the strain. Joints creaked, and sections of the catwalk began to sway…

How about the plot? It may not be as revolutionary as the first, but it’ll definitely be entertaining and reasonably ‘realistic.’ We just hope the movie goes into more detail on the inGen dinosaurs (the book mentions that some of the dinosaurs the characters run into weren’t on inGen’s ‘list,’ but never explains how they got there).

All in all, a very entertaining read, especially for any Jurassic Park fan – well worth your $4.99 ($6.99 in Canada) – this should be your first book to pick up on JP3 if you’re looking for the movie story!

Sounds like an interesting buy.

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