JP3 Spots Take Over Radio

inGenNET reader Justin Weber chimed in today with some information on JP3 radio advertisements as well. Justin also informs us of the new TV Spots being played on his local stations.

Here’s what Justin had to say:

“Just wanted to report that here in Salt Lake City, Utah, not only are we getting the TV trailer for the movie, but we are also getting the radio ad(Heard on KXRK – x96(96.3Mhz) – – on the Radio from Hell Show)). The radio ad has the “It could almost be paradise…” bit plus all the good sound bites of the whole cast, dinosaur roars, and the Don Davis score plays in the background and it sounds really awesome. The whole radio ad goes on for about 30 sec. It’s great! The TV spot is playing is playing at least once an hour on our FOX affiliate network(KSTU FOX13) and our NBC(KSL 5) affiliate network(during primetime). That ad is cool every time they play it because every time you see new things that you didn’t notice before. In this ad they show a whole bunch of Spino action. Like Dustin reported on 6/12/01, the spino breaks through the fence, and we get more shots of him chasing Grant and Eric. Plus we get a bit more action of the Pteranodons. It’s really awesome. I recomend if anyone lives in Salt Lake to have their VCRs ready to record and Stereos to record these awesome ads.”

Very cool… thanks Justin!

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