JP3 Trailer

Dan Reported sombody having seen the Jurassic Park 3 trailer right before a special screening of ‘The Mummy Returns’. He said:

“Wow! Was this trailer amazing or what!? The first 20 seconds or so, you are in a restaurant in the plane, and they are all talking. Then in a second the plane crashes, and people are screaming. They run and scream (as expected). There’s one part that really sticks out, they are in an old building, possibly the old compound, and Tea Leoni is looking at what seems to be a raptor mannequin, but the audience sees the raptors eyes move but Tea clearly doesn’t. OOPS! Open you eyes Tea! Then you hear a gunshot and some people screaming “RUN!”. As for the raptors and the feathers, on the 2 or 3 you see in the trailer, there is hardly anything, one is w/o them and the others have little feathers, under 2 inches each. “

I don’t think we have to wait long until we all get to enjoy that one. All we have to do is wait 🙁

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