Making Good Progress

Well, first the bad news.. Since i got a real time lack and a coming weekend trip, i am really sorry about that, Site B Explorer has to be delayed until next week… Sorry to all you waiting guys out there, but it is the only option i have.

Now the good… I have already planned the structure of the Chapters of making JP (working title…). I will soon put the preview site up for more info, but i can say that it will include mostly all making-of pics, including pre- and post-production, like paintings (i.e. based on the book…) or misc photos (i.e. the team and stuff). I hope we will make you happy with it 🙂 Check back in a few days for the preview section, thanks!

Just to let you know – the work on the Windows JP design section is also continuing…

Well, finally about that forum thing. If you did not notice what happened – just don`t read this…

It seems some guy decided to make a site about “me” (apparently it had nothing to do with me…). After all the content of that site was fictional, fake, stupid, ridiculous and finally it had no connection (exept names and that photo…) to my real life – however, since it was taken down by its creator i really do not care about it anymore. It is just sad to see that there seem to be people out there senseless annoying and disturbing others…(his reason was: fun)…i guess you know what i mean 🙂

Thanks to the people that supported me, sent me emails and finally did not believe that sh*t.

Pod updated with a set pic of TLW.

All for now…later.

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