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I would like to let you all know that InGenNET again recieved a new member : rfblasco. Some might remember him from the good old trescentral days, or maybe from his own site (which was accidentaly deleted..) TrespasserNET. He will now focus on the upcoming InGenNET soundstage, and provide you with unique JP sound files. For more info, visit the new team section!

It is possible that InGenNET will soon be enriched with files of Trescentral and TrespasserNET, because both sites have been deleted and the authors ( of em is our new member 🙂 do not want the files to “die” on their HDs. Also we will soon begin to host talented JP/Trespasser artists (some showed up in the THS forum…).

Since i could not contact Alan and Wired Al, i do not exactly know what files are coming up next, but be sure to check back later , thanks!

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