One Month of InGenNet

InGenNET is now online for one month and at this time we want to thank all of you Jurassic Park fans for supporting us in these hard starting times! The site has grown out of nothing and right now we have the biggest selection of JP related stuff online. Last week we gained an average of 100 hits per day, and we hope this # grows with JP3 coming closer and closer….
Since we changed the design the site should be working great in any solution, and as you may have noticed, we reorganized the file sections, so browsing is faster and you get right to the spot on the site you want. Please comment if there are still any incompatibilities. Updating /adding files is now easier for the webmasters, and the sites are now capable of a lot more files – be sure to see them to grow more and more in future!

Today i added the original JP Truck for use in Need for Speed 3, and some cool new digital videos. Make sure to check out the video section. Work will continue on the Trespasser map, as it will on a new and bigger Trespasser setion!

After all, thanks to all of our fans for making InGenNET the most visited JP site on the net! Be sure to visit us again and again for all JP related files/news! Jurassic Park 3 is coming, and we will bring all the news and stuff right on your screen!

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