Stan Winston on Animatronic Dinosaurs and “Jurassic Park 3”

Stan Winston, who created the animatronic dinosaurs for Jurassic Park III, discussing why filmmakers waited until the end of shooting to pit the robotic tyrannosaurus rex from previous Jurassic Park films against a new robotic Spinosaurus–with the older dinosaur ending up the worse for wear.

Winston said in interviews while promoting the film.

The shot doesn’t end up in the final movie–a fight between the two dinosaurs instead combines animatronic dinosaurs with computer-generated ones. But in the real smackdown, our effects crew sent the two giant robots careening toward one another on tracks in a Universal Studios soundstage.

He went on to add that “It’s not surprising…”. The new dinosaur is a 44-foot-long, 12 1/2-ton machine powered by a 1,000-horsepower motor, Winston said. By contrast, the old T-rex was only 8 feet long and weighed nine tons, powered by 300-horsepower motors, Winston said. “We built a bigger and badder dinosaur” he said.

Jurassic Park III, starring Sam Neill and Téa Leoni, opens July 18

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