The Most Important “Jurassic Park V” Rumors

Well guys lets do a quick rundown of all the JP4 rumors we’re tracking. If you hear anything, em@il us and we’ll talk about it! We’ll keep this page updated.

07.13.01: the first rumor that JP4 could be in the work. In an interview was discussed that Macy and Léoni already signed up for the 4th movie and Joe Johnston added that it wouldn’t play on the islands.

07.20.01: Dans JP/// page reports that Spielberg want’s Nick van Owen (Vince Vaughn) back for the movie. Dan reported too that Universal got the rights for 6 Jurassic Park films!

08.16.01: JP Aftermath reports that Access Hollywood listed Jurassic Park IV on the list of upcoming movies. If the production takes again 2 years, is it possible that JP4 comes out in 2004?

08.20.01: JP4 probably in 2003? This said an Article of

09.21.01: #1. JP4 rumored in 2003(it is most likely due to he fact that 2003 is Jurassic park’s 10 year anniversery). #2: Steven Spielberg has a new idea for JP4 that is supposed to “take the JP mythology to a new level.” #3. JP4 is to involve Lewis Dongson and Biosyn, makin a theme park on the mainland (not again…).

02.15.02: Sam Neill was speaking about a possible plot of JP4. Perhaps, the fourth JP movie may involve a human threat in addition to JP’s dinos.

02.20.02: Sam Neill seems not to be interested in JP4. He said: 3 seems to be the definitive number.

02.27.02: More news and rumors about JP4 from Upcoming movies of when the production and release will be. It also says that possibly Nick Van Owen (The Lost World) will take the spotlight this time.

06.09.02: Spielberg said in an Interview for the “Starlog Magazine” – “You’re talking to the guy who has got to decide — and at this point I’ve pretty much decided to do a ‘Jurassic IV’. Similar to the third Jurassic, I will not direct it. I would hope that I could get Joe Johnston to direct this one, too, but it’s up to him. I’ll certainly offer it to Joe before I offer it to anyone else. We actually have a wonderful story that I think is the best story since the very first movie. In fact, I wish it were the third story instead of the fourth one. It came late, but it is actually the best story I’ve heard for a dinosaur movie since the Michael Crichton book. And I’m not going to tell you anything about it. My lips are sealed.”

Last Updated 06.10.2002

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