Trailer not so good?

Corona has received a little insight on the JP3 trailer. However, the person they got this from did not like it. Here’s the story. Highlight to read spoilers.

“Not great.”

“It’s a lot closer to the first movie than the second. The trailer starts subdued with a lots of daylight and the music from the first movie. Sam is speaking about the raptors, and how much smarter they were than anyone ever thought. Willam H. Macy and Tea Leoni are having dinner with Sam Neill. They tell him that they want a guide to the Jurassic Park island, and that they’d ‘love to make a contribution to his research’. Naturally, Sam thinks it sounds like a great idea, and agrees. Apparently his 8 year absence from the island has washed away the intellect that would suggest this is a very bad idea.

“Next, they’re flying over the island. The pilot (or was it William?) points out the landing strip that’s coming up. Sam, not being as stupid as I initially thought, objects. ‘You can’t land this plane!’ There we learn that Sam agreed to fly over, which isn’t as bad as landing. William H. Macy responds in a soothing voice, ‘We can explain!’ Before he can explain, though, things start to go wrong. The plane crash lands. Presumably a dino had something to with it. Otherwise, what would be the point of the movie?

“Some flying dinos have a key role in this. There’s mention of a bird cage at the end of the trailer. It also has the sets from the first movie, such as the incubation area, all a mess from the years of neglect.

“We also learn that the dinosaurs actually speak to each other.

“As the trailer goes on, it picks up pace. There’s the obligatory the night time, rain storm, dino vs. human battle.

“Honestly, there’s not much to it. I fear it’s going to be rehash of the first movie, only with different appetizers. The trailer didn’t give me a lot to look forward to.”
That’s them so keep that in mind. We will enjoy it on the other hand.

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