Trip to Isla Nublar

Well, on Saturday my 3 week trip to Hawaii begins… I will visit the locations on Kauai and Oahu where the outdoor scenes of Jurassic Park were filmed. I hope to get some great pics for you, and for the JP TC for Unreal project. Yesterday i got confirmed that both the Raptor pen and the Visitors center are still existing, and even if i got doubts that this is true, i will visit the places and try to get great pics.

Well, unfortunately, due to my absence, there will be a lack of updates, sorry. I take my Laptop with me and will update as often as i can, but as you know, there are a lot other things to do in Hawaii 🙂 I hope to get some pics of the day which i will post, and you will mostly see me in the forum.

Read yesterdays news and you know why you should be here tomorrow….

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