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We are currently working very hard on two things, and i update just to let you know what these things are…

The all new “Site B explorer” (working title..) will be a unique way to explore Isla Sorna. In the middle of all will be the map. It will contain ALL locations of Trespasser and TLW, like levels, sights, (all) dino feces/cages. Clicking on for example on the trex fence, you will get a detailed dino description with pics, a Trespasser screenshot showing it in its typical environment, (…), and finally tips to kill it. You will see which area on the island you are travelling through in (for example) level 3. With “Site B” explorer we combine a unique map, a dino section, a weapons guide and a strategy guide. Since this all is in a VERY early stage, do not expect it tomorrow….it will at least take another week to complete it. PLEASE post ideas and suggestions in the forum, thanks.

The other thing is the upcoming “InGenNET Soundstage” by rfblasco. It will provide you with unique sound and music of both movies. Stay tuned to see it a few days.

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