Mattel Jurassic World Legacy Collection Figure Surfaces Online

In some pretty amazing news for all you “Welcome to Jurassic Park…” toy collectors out there. The Legacy Collection Brachiosaurus popped its head above water this week on the official Mattel website.

And some details game with it at 36 inches tall, and roughly 28 – 42+ inches long, this is a big figure. Featuring articulated legs, tail, and neck, it has a wide range of motion allowing for lots of fun play opportunities. Releasing later this fall in the U.S. under the Jurassic World Legacy Collection label, only at Target at $49.99. Global release details are not yet in.

Cancelled “The Lost World: Jurassic Park” Animated Series Artwork

Lets be honest, who didn’t want a The Lost World: Jurassic Park Animated Series. Jurassic Outpost released some details and video covering some details on the series and art earlier this afternoon introduced with this statement.

We were planning on holding this one off until Jurassic June, but much like the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar, we simply couldn’t contain it. While you no doubt know there was an unreleased Jurassic Park animated series in the early 90’s, you probably did not know there was another in development alongside The Lost World. This attempt at bringing Jurassic Park into the animated front was kept under lock and key, without any substantial evidence of existence… until now.

Commissioned by Stephen Spielberg and developed alongside Jurassic Park: The Lost World it’s a really interesting story and the concept art is certainly worth a look. Hybrid Dinosaurs come and go, but Stegosaurus? Timeless.

Check out the full story at Jurassic Outpost

The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park vs Reality

Jurassic Park movies are done by the meaning to make it as real as possible, and we all know that Spielberg and Co. did a great work with Jurassic Park. However, we’re talking about movies here and there are certain things that have nothing to do with reality, which have mainly been changed to make the JP movies more exciting.

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Something has survived…

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