TLW: Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus SE

The Lost World: Jurassic Park | Tyrannosaurs | Special Edition | By: BJP3E


One Big Family

The adult tyrannosaurs stood proudly over their small infant of only two weeks age. They were very fortunate to even have him. Months before they started out with four eggs, but one had been lost at the claws of a clever thief and the other two simply did not hatch. Their little one was happily trudging about the inside the giant nest of mud and brush. Snarling and biting at the flies that buzzed in swarms about him.
Their infants present food supply and parasaurolophus was growing rather rotten at the moment. They had dragged it a few yards away from the nest and the flies swarmed in by the millions to it. It was time for them to hunt for food for themselves on the young one. The female walked over to carcass and sniffed the animal looking for a descent bit meat and then ripped free a bony piece of meat from the animals hide. She swung back over the nest and dropped it in front of the infant, gruffly purred and then walked off. The male took stride behind her and looked back at the baby. He snorted his approval and turned back towards his mate. The infant watching as they vanished deep in the jungle around them.

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park – Tyrannosaurus

The Lost World: Jurassic Park | Tyrannosaurs | By: BJP3E



The tyrannosaur awakened slowly. The world before it was a dark haze at first. Then slowly it blinked its yellow eyes even in the dark the tyrannosaur could see where it was. It was in the belly of the steel swimming beast again. It vaguely recalled a creature shooting something at it. It could still feel the thing that had stung it in its neck.

The tyrannosaur lay still on one side breathing slowly moving one tiny eye around looking. It saw its infant curled up in some nets next to its head. It was sleeping soundly. It saw the remains of the infant’s first kill lying in a mess on the floor, flies buzzed around it, looking up it could see the huge mouth of the steel beast was closed.

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Biosyn: A New Face and Old Intentions

BIOSYN: A New Face And Old Intentions | By: BJP3E


The Aftermath

The events of the failed trip to Costa Rica lay buried deep with in the walls of the Biosyn Corporation. Jeff Rossiter, the head of the Biosyn Corporation wished he had never allowed Lewis Dodgson to go to this Isla Sorna, Site B. Their other attempts against InGen had failed time and again. That was proof enough they should have stayed away. Rossiter had a feeling that some day Lewis Dodgson’s intensions would come back and bite him in the ass. As he feared it happened too, Dodgson and his small crew were lost while on an expedition to Site B. The authorities’ reports found no fault or wrong doing on the company’s part. Lewis Dodgson, Howard King, and George Baselton were filed as missing. And to keep the families of the men from suing him and the company Rossiter wrote some very large checks.

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Trespasser TLW: Jurassic Park

TRESPASSER The Lost World: Jurassic Park | Story Adaptation By BJP3E
Based on the game Trespasser By Dreamworks Interactive. Most events occurring in this story actually happened in game play.

InGen’s History

In this commercial climate, it was probably inevitable that a company as ambitious as International Genetic Technologies, Inc., of Palo Alto, would arise. Founded by Norman Atherton a Stanford geneticist in 1979 and John Hammond, a flamboyant venture capitalist with 850 million dollars, and the funds raised by a tiny elephant. It is equally unsurprising that the genetic crisis their work created should go almost entirely unnoticed. After all InGen’s research was conducted in private. The research was revolutionary, ranking with the atomic bomb as one of the most startling scientific achievements of the 20th century. InGen scientists recovered DNA from prehistoric animals from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and cloned them to produce living examples of long extinct species. Dinosaurs. It had been Hammond’s intention to put these animals on display in a sort of animal preserve, the so-called Jurassic Park.

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Jurassic Park: Crossbreed

Jurassic Park | Crossbreed | By: BJP3E

Prologue: Site B


Some time had passed since John Hammond and Norman Atherton had set their sites for Jurassic Park. By 1989 the facilities for Isla Sorna otherwise known as Site B had been built and were running. Most of the enclosures being built on Isla Nublar were finished. The buildings to be erected at the present time now were the guest quarters, Visitors Center, and small research lab. The first of Jurassic Park’s creations had been shipped from Site B and now were roaming freely in their enclosures in the main park. The first of them being a juvenile tyrannosaur and a couple of hadrosaurs. John Hammond wished Norman Atherton were still around to see the dinosaurs. Sadly he had passed away before the tyrannosaur; their first success had hatched. His untimely death had been tragic for the company.

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