Dieter Stark

A lazy-eyed man of Germanic origin, Dieter Stark was Roland Tembo’s right-hand man when it came to base camps. He was among the hunters hired by Peter Ludlow. Dieter was very sadistic and cruel. He enjoyed tormenting animals, and was also quick to start fights. He constantly zapped the tiny Compys with his portable cattle prod for fun, and this harsh act eventually became his downfall. While going off to relieve himself, he told his only friend in the world, Carter, to wait up for him. However, Dieter didn’t notice that Carter had his headphones on, and thus couldn’t hear him. After wandering a good distance, Dieter was startled by a Compy and decided to enjoy himself by zapping it. In chasing the little dinosaur, he got himself lost. Trying to find his way back to the others, Dieter tumbled down a hill and into a stream, where he was set upon by a horde of the now vicious Compys. He escaped briefly and ran away, but was eventually chased down and overcome by the Compys, which tore him to bits. Dieter Stark was played by Peter Stormare.

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