Jurassic Park 3 Secondary Characters

Charlie Degler

Son of Dr. Ellie Degler and Mark Degler he enjoys dinosaurs and watches Barney. He alerted Ellie that Dr. Grant needed to be rescued from the river on Site B.

Mark Degler

Dr. Ellie Degler’s husband, who works at the State Department in International Relations. These connections came in handy when Ellie had to call on the Navy and Marines to rescue Alan Grant and the others on Isla Sorna. Mark Degler was played by Taylor Nichols.

Ben Hildebrand

Boyfriend of Amanda Kirby. He took Eric Kirby who went parasailing with him, bringing along a video camera to get footage of the dinosaurs. When Enrique’s driverless boat was headed for jagged rocks, Ben unclipped his and Eric’s parasail, allowing them to drift safely onto Isla Sorna. Sometime during their stay on the island, Ben was killed by Velociraptors. His well-decayed remains were found eight weeks later by the rescuers, along with his camera, whose footage showed that Eric was still alive. Ben Hildebrand was played by Mark Harelik.

Enrique Cardoso

Proprieter of the Dino-Soar parasailing ride. Enrique made illegal runs to the protected island of Isla Sorna, to allow tourists to parasail close to the island and view the dinosaurs. His last clients were Eric Kirby and Ben Hildebrand. Going through a fog bank while they were soaring above, he and his driver were killed by an unseen dinosaur. Enrique Cardoso was played by Julio Oscar Mechoso.

Cheryl Logan

College student and one of the volunteers at Dr. Alan Grant’s digsite in Fort Peck Lake, Montana. She often became flirtacious with Billy Brennan. Cheryl Logan was played by Sarah Danielle Madison.

Jack The Parrot

Bird that used to be owned by Dr. Grant and given to Ellie as a gift perhaps.


Dr. Ellie Degler’s at-home secretary. Hannah was played by Linda Park.


Dr. Ellie Degler’s Editor who thinks he’s a paleontologist.


Waitress at Hell Creek Bar and Grill.

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