Jurassic Park Secondary Characters

Richard Kiley

His voice was used for the Jurassic Park Tour Guide in the Ford Explorer Tour Vehicles. John Hammond said he had spared no exspense in hiring Kiley for the job. Richard Kiley died of Bone Marrow Disease on March 5, 1999. May He Rest in Peace.


An animated cartoon DNA Strand, he was to help explain the process of cloning & genetic engineering to the Jurassic Park tourists. Mr. DNA was voiced by actor Greg Burson.


A worker at Jurassic Park, Jophrey’s duty was gatekeeper of the Velociraptor pen. When they were moving one of the Raptors into the pen, disaster struck. The Raptor grabbed Jophery, pulling him into its crate. He was killed, despite game warden Robert Muldoon’s efforts to save him. His family was then the first to file a wrongful death lawsuit against InGen, and they weren’t the last. Jophrey was played by Jophery C. Brown.

Jerry (I)

Volunteer at Dr. Alan Grant’s dig site in Snakewater, Montana. A computer expert, he operated the PC detailing an undug Velociraptor skeleton. Jerry was possibly played by Christopher John Fields, who was only credited as “Volunteer.”


A Gourmet chef at Jurassic Park that prepared the Chilean Sea Bass lunch for Jurassic Park’s first and only visitors.

Brain Elliot

Driver Trainer from the Tour Vehicle Status on the Computer Monitors in JP’s Control Room.

Eugeno Ramirez

Mechanic from the Tour Vehicle Status on the Computer Monitors in JP’s Control Room.

Andres Ramirez

Jurassic Park Operator


JP Control Room Worker


Format Gabber for the Jurassic Park computer system.

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