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We’re in the process of adding huge amounts of restored Jurassic Park data to the database. Stay tuned, this won’t happen overnight but we’re committed to restoring the Jurassic Park Database. Once this project is complete we’ll refocus on expanding it.

We hope our Jurassic Park Encyclopedia eventually contains everything there is to know about the Jurassic Park movies, comics, novels, and other sources within the Jurassic Park franchise. We’ve broken this information down into 3 main categories, the film universe, the original novels by Michael Crichton, and lastly supporting material such as comics and video games. What is or is not Canon is a complicated matter addressed within the context of a specific area of interest.

We want our Jurassic Park Encyclopedia to serve as a giant research platform for the information organized for the curious soul, the aspiring Fan Fiction writer looking for exactness in their stories, fan film creators, even game modders, and the fanatics obsessed with the Jurassic Park films, novels, video games, and more.

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