Jurassic Park Goofs: Volume One

While of course we still believe that that Jurassic Park is a perfect film. We’re going to get right down into the details here with these movie bloopers. These are just quirks, the gaps in the genetic code of the movie are filled in with all the frog DNA.

The mysterious beach…

When Nedry meets with Dodgson in San Jose they are at a beach-side restaurant with the ocean clearly in the background. San Jose is situated inland, away from any ocean, in the mountains actually.

The disappearing tree…

When the cars break down before the Rex attack outside Grant’s window is a palm tree. Later we see the cars in the middle of the road. No palm tree in sight.

Squirrely Lex

When Tim is focusing the night vision goggles out the back of the Land Cruiser Lex is turned, watching him. Then after the cut, she’s is looking forward.

Magic roof!

When the Rex bursts through the plastic bubble on the roof it breaks, then (it seems) that it is again is in one piece.

Now that is a mess!

When the Rex flips the kids car over you can see a light on a tripod stand; the end of the set; the safety wires connected to the car; a tree in a big pot; and a large piece of wood (looks like a door) leaning up against the cement at the bottom of the fence.
The mysterious drop…

The ground behind the Rex fence before the attack is flat and level with the fence. After it, there’s a huge drop. That one became a real JP myth…

What a prop blooper!

Look for the mispelling of “Stegosaurus” in the cold storage of the embryos. There’s only one point where you can see this – when Nedry is stealing the embryos. Just click the image and see!
Left? Right? Shit!

The sign when Nedry falls down pointing up then after pointing left.

Waterfall Dripping?

When Nedry slips down the water fall the water is pouring over it in a torrent, when he reaches the bottom of the fall the water has changed the rate of flow considerably.

Runny Tar?

When the Spitter spits on Nedry the spit hits the eyes and forehead and shirt collar and lower neck. When he turns the spit is all over his face. It wasn’t runny enough to drip down his face like that, it was almost like tar when he touched it.

Beam me up!

When Malcolm is waiting for Ellie and Muldoon in the Jeep one second he is at the site of the attack with the other Landcruiser and the fence there, then when they take off, they are nowhere near the fence or Landcruiser!

Supernatural Tim!

When they find the eggs, Tim says “But Grandpa said all the dinosaurs were girls”. Tim wasn’t on the tour of the Visitor Center and Wu said it not Hammond. (Actually it is possible that Hammond told him separatly…)

Tub? no tub?

In the kitchen when the Raptor puts his head through the gap in the cupboard she knocks out a white tub. When we see the isle next, that tub is gone completely.

Again… supernatural Tim!

When eating in the Visitor Center, Tim has a lot of blood on his left ear. After the kitchen scene the scab is gone.

Lost shot…

When the Raptor is breaking through the glass after the heroes we hear four shots fired over the telephone. When we see the bullet holes there are only three in the glass.

C’mon Lex!

Lex let’s go of the bone she’s clinging to and then is clinging to it again in the next shot.

Yes, Geography is difficult!

Another geographical blooper. It’s the afternoon when the chopper leaves the island. The island is west of Costa Rica, which means they will fly east to the mainland. They are flying off into the sunset? No, the sun rises in the east. It’s a sunrise. Have fun in Thailand!

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