Lower Resolution is Added

Many people complained about the site running on smaller monitors, so i decided to add a 800*600 equal. Well, as you can see, it works fine and helps a lot of IngenNET fans. Although the design was made for 1024*768, the 800 site also looks quite nice 🙂

In the next days we will focus on the new sections art and tres. We hope to add a lot soon 🙂 Thanks for your patience!

Major Design Change

We went through a serious design change today – hard work ! Please em@ail me when u find problems or bugs! I know the site is only well in 1024, but thats what most people have 🙂
New design provided by UnRaT inc. 1999, thanx!


I have decided to delete some news concerning the confusion during the last days….. IngenNET has been hacked by an idiot (..greetings to Martin…), and some updates made no real sense 🙂 We are hardly working on the site right now, so await greater changes and additions soon!