Varan Talks The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Review)

The Lost World: Jurassic Park was the highly anticipated sequel for the mega hit Jurassic Park. But let me be the one to tell you that this movie is not half as good as is predecessor. Why? Well let’s explore this movie in detail.

First of all, Jeff Goldblum plays the lead character, Dr. Ian Malcolm. In all fairness to Goldblum, he did not have much of a script to work with. Malcolm was the nerdy scientist from the first movie, and now suddenly he is the heroic macho man in The Lost World. Malcolm just flat out does not fit this role.

Julianne More played Sarah Harding, a very annoying character. All she ever did was babble on and on. She was constantly getting into danger because of her stupidity. Again, this is not the actresses fault.

Nick Van Owen is somewhat of an interesting character. However, you really do not get to know him very well except for the fact that he is an environmentalist.

Eddie Carr was another character that they could have developed more. But it was not long before he was chomped.

The most interesting character in this story was the hunter Roland Tembo. Despite the fact that he did not have enough screen time (in my opinion), his character developed nicely. Tembo was practically the only character on the island, besides Malcolm, that had any brains at all.

Then there was all the nameless hunters. They really ruined the movie. You do not get to know anything about any of them. The only reason that they are there was to become dino kibble.

All in all, the movie tried to be too scary. There were too many running away from the dinosaur scenes, thus making the creatures look like mindless monsters, unlike in Jurassic Park where they were portrayed as animals, not monsters. They could have improved on this by having more people chasing the dinosaur scenes. One of the best scenes in the movie is no doubt the scene where the hunters chase after the herd of herbivores.

Next, we have the San Diego scene. This might have been a good idea, but it was executed pretty poorly because of the script.

So what is good about this movie? Well for one thing the brilliant musical score of John Williams. His music perfectly captures the mood of the movie. And there were a few memorable scenes and lines from the movie. But most of the movie will have you saying “Why didn’t they make it more like the novel?”

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