Finally, as i promised “on the weekend” blasco`s soundstage is up! Click here to visit it! Feel free to discuss the sounds in the forum, and watch out for more updates in the future !
Thanks to rfblasco!

Site B Explorer Preview

By clicking the Site B image on the buzZz, you enter the coming home of the Site B explorer, giving you detailed info on our current project.

More stuff to come later…

Hard Work…

Sorry for the update lack yesterday…real life needed me 🙂 However, the Site B map is almost finished, we`ll just be adding some detail tomorrow. Then we focus on the other part, making the section complete, that means dinos, weapons, sights, and as we try all this in java script, its no easy task. But i think itll be finished on its estimated release date. Watch out for a real preview tomorrow.

I have to apologize that the coming InGenNET soundstage is not up yet, but rfblasco was really busy, and it had to be delayed again…for detailed info, go to the forum.

I just changed the forum design, please let us know if there are any incompabilities.

Enough for now, expect a complete Site B Explorer preview, and maybe other cool stuff tomorrow, thanks!

Slow News

Besides the things that have been going on in the forum, we are working hard on the “Site B explorer” section. I will post a preview of its features on the weekend, as well as some sorted files. The InGenNET soundstage will also be up in the next 2 days…

For questions and ideas refer to the forum, thanks!

Work Continues

No big news yet, hard work continues on our projects (read 23 Feb update), check the preview pic on the right… We are doing research on lots of stuff, so make sure to check by daily 🙂

The InGenNET Soundstage should be up before the weekend arrives, but no date/time yet. rfblasco invites everyone to post wishes or ideas in the forum!

Again, if you have any questions concerning the team, projects, joining, artist hosting (lets say anything :), feel free to contact a member or post in the forum!