The BIG One Arrived!

Hey guys! In case you haven’t read it on the board yet, the big, BIG Jurassic Park 3 trailer has finally arrived! Don’t be a wimp and view the fullscreen (!) version here.

And to all you new members out there, stay tuned to inGenNET, while we keep working on the largest Jurassic Park database on the net, the “Jurassic Park Encyclopedia”. And a brand new message board (to get rid of those annoying pop-ups once and for all) is also just around the corner…

Trespasser TLW: Jurassic Park

TRESPASSER The Lost World: Jurassic Park | Story Adaptation By BJP3E
Based on the game Trespasser By Dreamworks Interactive. Most events occurring in this story actually happened in game play.

InGen’s History

In this commercial climate, it was probably inevitable that a company as ambitious as International Genetic Technologies, Inc., of Palo Alto, would arise. Founded by Norman Atherton a Stanford geneticist in 1979 and John Hammond, a flamboyant venture capitalist with 850 million dollars, and the funds raised by a tiny elephant. It is equally unsurprising that the genetic crisis their work created should go almost entirely unnoticed. After all InGen’s research was conducted in private. The research was revolutionary, ranking with the atomic bomb as one of the most startling scientific achievements of the 20th century. InGen scientists recovered DNA from prehistoric animals from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and cloned them to produce living examples of long extinct species. Dinosaurs. It had been Hammond’s intention to put these animals on display in a sort of animal preserve, the so-called Jurassic Park.

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Jurassic Park: Crossbreed

Jurassic Park | Crossbreed | By: BJP3E

Prologue: Site B


Some time had passed since John Hammond and Norman Atherton had set their sites for Jurassic Park. By 1989 the facilities for Isla Sorna otherwise known as Site B had been built and were running. Most of the enclosures being built on Isla Nublar were finished. The buildings to be erected at the present time now were the guest quarters, Visitors Center, and small research lab. The first of Jurassic Park’s creations had been shipped from Site B and now were roaming freely in their enclosures in the main park. The first of them being a juvenile tyrannosaur and a couple of hadrosaurs. John Hammond wished Norman Atherton were still around to see the dinosaurs. Sadly he had passed away before the tyrannosaur; their first success had hatched. His untimely death had been tragic for the company.

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Cinescape talks Jurassic Park

In a Cinescape article they give a brief description of JP3. (Thanks Dan’s!)

“Usually in a Jurassic Park movie, the humans are being chased by dinosaurs. And Jurassic Park III, directed by The Rocketeer helmer Joe Johnston, will be no different. But the humans weren’t always the chasees this time around. They were also the chasers…at least off screen. “We’ve been chasing the script all along,” says production designer Ed Verreaus. “We’ve had a script that’s been like a moving target and has changed a lot. So all during the course of pre-production and production we’ve been having to adjust to and overcome changes in the script.”
In the film, Macy’s character, billionaire Paul Kirby, recruits Grant to return to the dinosaur infested island seen in the first two films. “He’s the only one who really understands the size and the power of these animals,” Verreaux says of Neill’s character. “Everybody else who is with him doesn’t really get it at first. That’s kind of fun because the audience is watching, and we all know what he knows. So we are kind of giggling to ourselves, [thinking], “Wait until that T-rex shows up. You’re really going to be surprised.”

People don’t seem to get that there’s two islands apparently…If this continues JP3 maybe just be one flaw right after another.