Biosyn: A New Face and Old Intentions

BIOSYN: A New Face And Old Intentions | By: BJP3E


The Aftermath

The events of the failed trip to Costa Rica lay buried deep with in the walls of the Biosyn Corporation. Jeff Rossiter, the head of the Biosyn Corporation wished he had never allowed Lewis Dodgson to go to this Isla Sorna, Site B. Their other attempts against InGen had failed time and again. That was proof enough they should have stayed away. Rossiter had a feeling that some day Lewis Dodgson’s intensions would come back and bite him in the ass. As he feared it happened too, Dodgson and his small crew were lost while on an expedition to Site B. The authorities’ reports found no fault or wrong doing on the company’s part. Lewis Dodgson, Howard King, and George Baselton were filed as missing. And to keep the families of the men from suing him and the company Rossiter wrote some very large checks.

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Sam Niell on Dr. Allen Grant and “Jurassic Park 3”

Sam Neill, who reprises the role of Alan Grant in the upcoming sequel Jurassic Park III, told SCI FI Wire that he believes the third installment in the dinosaur franchise will surpass the last one, The Lost World: Jurassic Park, which he passed up. “Ironically, the faster and more action there is in the film, the slower they are to make” Neill said in an interview from is home in New Zealand. “In order to keep morale up, [the producers] would show us cut footage–which was breathtaking.”

Neill–a genre favorite in films like the first Jurassic Park and Bicentennial Man–said the new dinosaurs are better than before. “The animatronic creatures that we were working with were
extraordinary–not just realistic, but the things you can do with them was incredible,” he said. “If a 44-foot high creature … is looming over you bigtime, it’s not difficult to feel fear, if that’s what’s required in the script. … There was a remarkable day when one dinosaur mortally wounded another dinosaur. That was more terrifying than you could imagine.”

Like his co-star, Téa Leoni, Neill is a good sport about playing opposite the dinosaurs. And he doesn’t feel that the dinosaurs and effects take over the film, just as he disagrees with similar criticisms that swirled around the first film some eight years back.

“That was certainly one of the criticisms in the first film,” he said. “I think that’s a pretty good [movie]. I
would take issue with this–there was a couple of criticisms in the New York Times vs. the New Yorker, that said it was the first time in cinema history where the special effects were more real than the actors. But that was rather cruel and unnecessary.”

When asked about his favorite scene, Neill immediately pointed to a brief reunion between himself and fellow Jurassic Park cast member Laura Dern. “I have some scenes with Laura Dern, who I hadn’t worked with for … years” he said. “It was very nice being back with her again”

Jurassic Park III opens July 20.

JP3 in Fangora Magazine: Interviews & Pictures

The July issue of horror magazine Fangora features a rather large and impressive article detailing the production of JP3 from concept to screen. The article features interviews with director Joe Johnston, producer Larry Franco, star Sam Neill, production designer Ed Verreax, Stan Winston, and even more.

Among the information he gives us about the film, Johnston noted that, “When Steven asked me if I wanted to do the next ‘Jurassic Park’;, I looked around the room to see who he was talking to. When I saw nobody else in the room, I figured he was talking to me

As for Sam Neill, who, as well as all of the interviewees, provided alot of insight, the Australian actor spoke of the conditions of filming. “Everything felt fresh again.” Neill noted. “There was a new director, some new ideas, and a new cast. The only old dinosaur around was me.”

The article also features a wealth of pictures, and inGenNET once again has quality scans of the new images from the magazine. Featured below are some new images from the article, both from the film and behind-the-scenes.

spinosaurus crushes a plane

spinosaurus head

spinisaurus touched up on set

jurassic park 3 set photo

Limited to what can be said about a possible JP IV, producer Franco said that, “There may have already been talk about III (when taking the job) and possibly IV. Jurassic Park should go on until people say, ‘We’ve had enough of this.’ But I don’t know if they ever will.”

On JP IV, Johnston adds, “We didn’t purposefully leave this one open for a sequel, but there is something in the works for a fourth film that would be more of a departure from the previous movies. Personally, I think they pretty much have to get off the island after three.”

The article alone is definately worth your money! The interviews are new and fresh, and offer alot of insight. Once again, this is from the July issue of Fangora magazine.

Some JP3 Trailer Snapshots

Malcolm from JPDatabase has given me some exclusive snapshots from the new JP3 trailer.

Special thanks to JPDatabase for the pictures! Check JPDatabase out for more pictures!

JP3 Spots Take Over Radio

inGenNET reader Justin Weber chimed in today with some information on JP3 radio advertisements as well. Justin also informs us of the new TV Spots being played on his local stations.

Here’s what Justin had to say:

“Just wanted to report that here in Salt Lake City, Utah, not only are we getting the TV trailer for the movie, but we are also getting the radio ad(Heard on KXRK – x96(96.3Mhz) – – on the Radio from Hell Show)). The radio ad has the “It could almost be paradise…” bit plus all the good sound bites of the whole cast, dinosaur roars, and the Don Davis score plays in the background and it sounds really awesome. The whole radio ad goes on for about 30 sec. It’s great! The TV spot is playing is playing at least once an hour on our FOX affiliate network(KSTU FOX13) and our NBC(KSL 5) affiliate network(during primetime). That ad is cool every time they play it because every time you see new things that you didn’t notice before. In this ad they show a whole bunch of Spino action. Like Dustin reported on 6/12/01, the spino breaks through the fence, and we get more shots of him chasing Grant and Eric. Plus we get a bit more action of the Pteranodons. It’s really awesome. I recomend if anyone lives in Salt Lake to have their VCRs ready to record and Stereos to record these awesome ads.”

Very cool… thanks Justin!