JPIV Moving Into High Gear?

The latest Science Fiction / Fantasy Magazine supposedly had some news about JP4 starting move along now.

“Jurassic Park IV is rolling right along in production and filming is to comence shortly, first in Hawaii and then in California, filming will comence in late fall 2004 and the film should be ready for a summer 2005 release. Cast and crew members are begining to crawl out of the darkness now including actors Sam Neill and Keira Knightley. Rumored cast members Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough have a very good chance of being involved this time around as well. Other rumored actors Vince Vaughn and Cameron Thor do not appear to have a part in the film as of this point in time.

“Crew members include Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy producing, John Williams is likely to do the score, yet nothing official yet, and Stan Winston, Dennis Muren, and Collin Wilson are also likely to be involved. Penning the script is novelist turned screenwrite William Monahan as was announced late last year.

“The story is being kept under tight wraps all we can tell you is what Kathleen Kennedy said a few weeks ago “It won’t be green and we won’t go back to the jungle.” This supports what Jeff Goldblum said back in the early stages of Jurassic Park IV: “Steven has said it won’t take place on either island.” Does this mean a mainland story? Sure sounds like it. Several Dinosaurs have been promised as well by Stan Winston who said: “They’re be lot’s of dinosaurs, both old and new. If you thought the world was launched into Dino-Maina in 1993, wait until 2005 roles around.”

“With JPIV, we can expect lots of merchandise including, action figures. Although it seems only natural that Hasbro (who designed the JPIII line for 2001) would take the wheel, but the toy company who had planned to release a special Jurassic Park 10 year toyline and than dropped it has dropped the JP license for the time, perhaps meaning that a new toy company will take over.”

“With these new developments, looks like 2005 is going to be the year of the dino’s once again as the fourth installment will be storming into theatres just shy of Star Wars: Episode III. More on the next installment of this T-rex sized franchise as we get it.”

Keep in mind this hasn’t been confirmed, so take it however you want (whether you believe it or not…). Thanks to Slash’n Spino for the head’s up!

JP4 Script Finished Says Producer Kathleen Kennedy

Jurassic Park Trilogy producer Kathleen Kennedy recently told SciFi Wire the other day that William Monahan – who was tapped to write the JP4 script – has finished. More details came in via SciFi

“Producer Kathleen Kennedy told SCI FI Wire that novelist William Monahan has completed a first draft of the script for a proposed fourth Jurassic Park movie. Kennedy added that the sequel will move off the islands of the first three Jurassic Park films. “Let’s just say it takes place someplace else,” she said in an interview. “It will not be green. We will not go back to the jungle.”

Monahan makes his screenwriting debut on the upcoming Ridley Scott film Tripoli, which is what attracted Kennedy to the writer. “[Tripoli is a] very different genre than what we’re talking about doing with Jurassic, which is why I’m excited about Jurassic, because I think he’ll bring something to it that’s going to make it feel fresh.”

No director has been approached or even discussed yet for the project. Kennedy said that she believes she and Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg will act as producers, with plans for a 2005 release. Kennedy said that she feels some pressure from Universal Pictures to hurry a sequel, but added that she is determined to make a good film above anything else. “It’s become personal,” she said. “We’re not going to spend two or three years of our lives working 12-, 14-, 16-hour days on something that we don’t care about. And sometimes I think people think, ‘Well, how can you go off and make Jurassic IV and care about it?’ Well, you can if there’s a good story. They’re as fun to make as they are to watch, hopefully. So you’re trying just as hard to put the ingredients into that. It’s more difficult to make a really good Jurassic Park movie, sometimes, than it is to do a really good drama, because you’ve got so many combinations of things.”

Kiera Knightley Says Yes to Jurassic Park 4

Seems as if Keira Knightley had confirmed the earlier reports about Spielberg thinking her over for a role in JP4. Counting Down reported following today.

“It’s true! I didn’t think anybody knew about that! It was so amazing because I’ve been a big fan of the original film for years. Steven said he liked my work in Bend It Like Beckham and wanted to meet me. I think Sam Neill really pushed for me as well, ’cause we had worked together before on [BBC TV series] Doctor Zhivago. There were actually two roles in Jurassic Park IV Steven thought I might fit. First there was the granddaughter part, which wasn’t all that big a role, she was only in it at the beginning. The other part he was considering for me was substantially larger, but I won’t go into any details in case I make Steven angry (laughs).” She also went on to reveal, “I truly don’t know if I’ll end up getting either part or not. The script is pretty much locked down, but I think they’re still working on final drafts at the moment. But just to be even considered by Steven Spielberg was a humbling honour. And it was cool to meet him.”