TLW: Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus SE

The Lost World: Jurassic Park | Tyrannosaurs | Special Edition | By: BJP3E


One Big Family

The adult tyrannosaurs stood proudly over their small infant of only two weeks age. They were very fortunate to even have him. Months before they started out with four eggs, but one had been lost at the claws of a clever thief and the other two simply did not hatch. Their little one was happily trudging about the inside the giant nest of mud and brush. Snarling and biting at the flies that buzzed in swarms about him.
Their infants present food supply and parasaurolophus was growing rather rotten at the moment. They had dragged it a few yards away from the nest and the flies swarmed in by the millions to it. It was time for them to hunt for food for themselves on the young one. The female walked over to carcass and sniffed the animal looking for a descent bit meat and then ripped free a bony piece of meat from the animals hide. She swung back over the nest and dropped it in front of the infant, gruffly purred and then walked off. The male took stride behind her and looked back at the baby. He snorted his approval and turned back towards his mate. The infant watching as they vanished deep in the jungle around them.

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