Jurassic Park Online Games: The Early Years (1999-2001)

This material is pulled from our InGenNET archives. Neither of these games are currently available for play and Macromedia Shockwave has largely been abandoned by the modern web and creative community as a whole. If you’re curious about some of the early Jurassic Park Online Games we’ve summarized below.

What is an online game? Obviously a game that is played online. But what else? No downloads are needed and no configuration required. Further there are highscore lists that compare your performance with other players all over the world. So check these Jurassic Park online games out!

Jurassic Park The Ride Online Adventure

This is the classic Jurassic Park Online Adventure. It’s a first person shooter that will scare the hell out of you. Your mission is to bring the -out of control- Park in control again… Raptors and other species make this mission almost impossible. This is a Java application and as long as you have a Browser version 4+ this should be supported and no additional plug-ins are needed. Note that the loading times in the beginning are very high but therefore the game itself is not interrupted by any loading…

Isla Nublar Project

Shockwave application featuring great visuals and audio. The game might be compared to Theme Park, you build a park to grow Dinosaurs in cages, maintain it and try to keep it under control.

Let us quote Malcom here from Jurassic Park… “Yeah, but John, if the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down, the pirates don’t eat the tourists.” Keep this in mind when you build paddocks and grow Raptors… As said before this is a Macromedia Shockwave application, and this plug-in is essential to play the game. Get the needed installer right here, it is sure worth it!

inGenNET is not affiliated with these games, neither did we create them. We just link to them to make them available to a large audience.