Errors in Jurassic Park

Author: Patrick (Jurassic Propositions)

Though Jurassic Park is an entertaining film for all audiences involved, it is heavily aimed towards the general population. With just about every film that involves science, certain scientific facts or concepts are altered, usually in order to become more appealing to the general public, and Jurassic Park is no exception. However, many errors in Jurassic Park may simply be attributed to particular misconceptions that, if corrected, would not detract at all to the viewing experience.

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Inaccuracies in Jurassic Park

Author: Molly (Jurassic Propositions)

“Jurassic Park” revolutionized how the public understood, imagined and investigated dinosaurs unlike any mass-media production ever before. This Crichton/Spielberg classic opens our eyes to another world, and for the most part, is highly scientifically accurate. However, after taking this class we can especially appreciate some of the unique misconceptions that made it onto the silver screen, either because of increased dramatic effect, advances in the field, or just plain ignorance. This short paper will discuss some of the key problems with several of the dinosaurs that are major players throughout the movie, and integrate information learned from this course and the readings to support why changes should be made for enhanced scientific accuracy.

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Improvements and Inclusions for Jurassic Park IV

Author: Christina (Jurassic Propositions)

As the consultant for the makers of Jurassic Park IV, I would like to suggest a few changes Mr. Spielberg could make in order to portray dinosaurs more accurately in the film. I also have some exciting ideas for new dinosaurs the filmmakers could incorporate in the film, and even a few scene ideas.

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