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Jurassic Park (Early Script): Before shooting began the Jurassic Park script was re-written several times until it satisfied Spielberg. This is an earlier version that was rejected, much closer to the novel than the final script.

Isla Nublar Map

Although there is still discussion, this definitly is the most accurate map of Isla Nublar you could ever get. It features the Aviary from the book (‘Pterosaur Dome’) plus the second lodge. All together, this is an outstanding work that combines the important sites from the movie and the book, you can call it a ‘perfect cross’ if you want… This work was created by THS in early 1999. Unfortunately this file could not be recovered from our archives, stay tuned.

Cut Scenes

There are lots of scenes that were planned first but then skipped or cancelled. However, there were two scenes that have been in the movie but were cut for the video, TV and the DVD release.

The Baby Triceratops

This scene was never filmed even though a lot of effort was put into the props needed for the scene. Stan Winston and crew (picture) built different versions of the Trike baby, all together they worked over 13 months on it, until the scene was cut two weeks before shooting during a final shortening of the film to make around 2 hours long. It was planned to show the ‘friendly nature’ of herbivore Dinosaurs as Spielberg did not want to present Dinosaurs as pure killer machines.

Ellie and the Jurassic Leaf

When Ellie, Grant, Gennaro and Malcom are in the Jeeps on their ride to the Visitors Centre, shortly before they stop for the Brach scene, Ellie rips off a leaf from a tree while the Jeep is moving. Later you can see how she shows this leaf to Grant. Get a video of this scene here!

Original T-Rex Finale!

Well, when you watch the final scene in the Visitors Center, the Tyrannosaurus is there from the one second to the other. No clue how he got there? In the theatrical version of the film, you can see the Tyrannosaur breaking through the plastic wall in the back of the Visitors Center. This scene was important and very impressive. However, it was cut for the home release, and we can only speculate on the reason: Maybe, there were some CGI glitches, and it was not ‘rewind and rewatch all-over’ capable.. so they left it out. There is no rewind in the theatre u know…

Original Jurassic Park Ending

The original ending that was planned for JP (before Spielberg came up with the idea for the T-Rex killing the Raptors), was that Hammond shot the Raptors in the last second… check out the storyboard!