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The Lost World: Jurassic Park Script (1997) .pdf – This is the final draft which ultimately was shot and seen in theaters.

The Lost World (Early Draft) – Here you can download the script of The Lost World. It features some additional scenes that were cut in the end (i.e. the ‘Boardroom scene’), you can find all of them down in the Cut Scenes section. Unfortunately this file could not be recovered from our archives, stay tuned.

Isla Sorna Maps

This Isla Sorna map was published by the official Lost World site, and takes the movie as reference. It is sightly modified from the map that was features in the book. It features hot-spots to show which scene took place in the specific location. Do not consider this map precise as it is rather ‘commercial’… Unfortunately this file could not be recovered from our archives, stay tuned.

This map is based on the coordinates of Trespasser. Created by Zandor, this map features incredible detail and preciseness. The outline is based on a real island in Costa Rica and matches the map found in Trespasser. Of course this is a Trespasser map that did not take the movie or book as reference, still, due to the excellent research, this is to be regarded as the most correct Site B map available today. Check out the annotations! Unfortunately this file could not be recovered from our archives, stay tuned.

Cut Scenes

The ‘Boardroom Scene’

The scene in which Peter Ludlow addresses the inGen members about how inGen is broke from paying of the families of those who died at Jurassic Park, and wants Hammond removed from the CEO position. It can be seen in the Theatrical Trailer of TLW. Get this scene here!

Ludlow & Tembo Talk

One scene, that David Koepp himself was sad to see go, involved a scene between “Roland the hunter and Peter Ludlow, a villain that is absolutely essential to the story.”

Too Scary for Kids

A scene was filmed in which the male and female T-Rexes attack Kelly while in the high hide alone. This scene, for some reason, was eventually scrapped. (It is rumoured that this scene was too intense for kids…)

‘The Lost Worl…. err.. Bottle!’

The remnant of a scene which was cut can be seen in the final version of the movie, when Nick Van Owen rescues the injured Baby T-Rex, a liquor bottle of some sort can be seen next to the animal. The scene that was cut describes how it happened when a drunken Ludlow falls on the baby’s leg.

Sad this wasn’t in…

Spielberg and crew actually filmed a scene where theT-Rex smashes into Benjamin’s (“There’s a dino in the backyard”) bedroom, totally destroying it but leaving the family unscratched.

The ‘Restaurant scene’

Another cut scene, involved a meeting of Roland Tembo and Ajay Sidhu in a restaurant early in the movie. The scene shows the friendship of the two characters, and also the tenacity of Roland when he gets into a bar fight with a tourist harassing a waitress. Get this scene!

Some small cuts…

If you have the Dinosaur Scrapbook, check the following pictures for scenes that never made it in: Pages 8, 46 (6 (the Raptor on the right), 47 (the Raptor in the middle, and at top right), and 52 (pictures #1,9,7 & 5). Of course nobody knows if these scenes were planned to be in the movie…

Alternate Endings

Original Ending (pre – Spielberg)

The original ending of the movie, before Spielberg came up with the San Diego scene, was to have a longer ‘Ian vs. Raptors’ scene in a larger version of the village set (picture). This scene was shortened and the set to be constructed was made smaller.

An Alternate Ending (planned)

Another considered ending to the movie (which was eventually scrapped) was one where Pteranodons attack the helicopter leaving the island. Supposedly Stan Winston’s animators were upset that the Pteranodon wasn’t in the movie, and asked for permission to put the Pteranodon in at least one scene, which ended up being the final shot of the film (picture).

The Lost World: On Set!

Neo_Maze took these pics of the set of The Lost World at Universal Studios, Hollywood back in March 1999. The set is placed directly beneath the famous ‘Psycho’ house. As you can see the entire Comm. Center and surroundings have been kept since 96. And probably it will stay there, since other famous film buildings such as the ‘Psycho’ house or various other sets are there for over 30 years now. Update: The set has been remodeled to serve as location for JP3, so it looks way different now…