Data: InGenNET CEO, Location: Toronto, Canada
Other interests: Movies, Music, WoW, Family Stuff
Occupation: Creative Director

Bio: Just a guy who loves Jurassic Park and missed a website. At the time the movie and website sort of dictated the path my career would take. It’s always been a passion project of mine.

Quote: “I’m soaking wet, I just fell down a hill, I don’t have any food…”

Legacy Staff

To the original InGenNet Dream Team
Thanks for all your time and hard work. The door is always open!


Data: inGenNET CEO (Retired), Location: Wiesbaden, Germany
Other interests: My Car, Dreamcast, Movies, Music, DVD, Road Trips
Occupation: Military, German Air Force

Bio: Well, what should I say about myself? I am known as Mr. Perfectionist that bugs other people to get their work done just because I am too impatient to wait… I saw Jurassic Park at the age of 12 and was fascinated since then. But believe me it’s not easy managing this site plus taking care of real life. I think I have good traits too, but well… ask other people 😉

Quote: “Yeah whatever” or “Oh c’mon you all got these fancy names, what’s yours? Wheels?” (X-Men The Movie, Wolverine to Patrick Stuart in wheelchair)


Data: Webmaster (Retired), Location: Helmstedt, Germany
Other interests: DVD, Dreamcast, Emulation, Movies, PC Games
Occupation: Student

Bio: If inGenNET was Jurassic Park, then BloodyClaw would be Nedry. No, no that he is fat, but he is the genius mind behind all the technical stuff that are needed to build an interactive, generic website. While Neo takes care of the looks, his skills builds the engine behind it. If he is not slaved by Tyrant Neo to do impossible things to the site, he tests how many subwoofers his room can handle or does some drag-racing in his Suzuki Swift.


Bloody: “It does not work!”
Neo: “Ahhh, you’ll do it!”


Data: Forum Manager (Retired), News Reporter, Location: Peoria, AZ
Other interests: Hunting for fossils, collecting JP Toys, Computers
Occupation: Student

Bio: 2 Things: ALWAYS on, NO sleep. While some think he is “an embarassment to the male species”, we know that he’s a cool guy that describes himself with the following: “I’m a male. I live in Arizona. I’ve been a dinosaur fantatic since I was 3 and I used to live in Ohio. I want to be a paleontologist when I get older. I like reading dinosaur books and of out of all the movies I’ve seen, JP and TLW are my favorites. I’ve been a Jurassic Park fan since 1993 and its been ever lasting since. If there is anything else you want to know just ask.”

Well, at least WORLD RECORD in starting scentences with “I” 😉

Quote: “You’ll have to get used to Dr. Davis. He suffers from a deporable excess of personality, especially for a paleontologist.”


Data: Toys Manager, Location: Wouw, the Netherlands
Other interests: Watching DVD’s, collecting figures, webdesign
Occupation: Student

Bio: After helping out at the site from time to time, and becoming a moderator, things began to move pretty fast. Before I knew it, I found myself as the manager of an entire section of the site, trying to get every bit of information about the new JP3 figures out there.

Neo: “Work slave, work! I wanna see some sweat!”
Roksx “I think I’m having second thoughts…”